Body Mapping

“Teaching the Art of Movement in Music”

Sound is created by movement.  The quality of a musician’s physical movement equates to the quality of the performance. Body Mapping is the process of refining the body maps that guide movement to uncover fluidity and coordination.

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Here’s What People say about Body Mapping…

 …the informative and realistic knowledge of  my body not only changed my music-making but also my life.               – C. Ma, professional performer & teacher, piano

This class has introduced me  to a greater awareness in my singing that empowers my artistic choices as I perform.       – S. Orlovsky, graduate vocal student

I now have very simple, concrete tools to help me achieve the sounds and feelings in my practicing at home that I could in our sessions. The movements I’m learning through the Body Mapping are simple, memorable, and reliable – always there when I need them.       -D. Brewer, professional performer & educator

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