Benefits of Body Mapping


Accurate body maps set the stage for easy, resilient movement. Movement matches the body’s design.

Inaccurate body maps misdirect movement, leading to awkward, restricted and tense patterns of movement.

Movement is governed by body maps in the brain.  When the maps are off, even by just a little, movement is compromised, expression & facility are limited.  The good news is that body maps can be corrected and refined to accurately represent the body and we can learn to move  freely, efficiently, naturally.  The anatomical information applies to more than just music-making, it applies to life. Through Body Mapping, anatomical truths replace anatomical confusions, creating fluid, accessible movement.


Body Mapping offers solutions to technical obstacles and an effective way                                               to prevent discomfort and injury. The benefits include…


  • Solutions to limitations
  • Enhanced facility & fluidity
  • More natural movement


  • Tone, dynamic & intonation accuracy
  • Enhanced musical expression
  • Increased breath capacity & control


  • Poise and confidence
  • Higher levels of musicianship
  • Improved performance awareness


  • Relief from discomfort and pain
  • Solution to repetitive movement injury
  • Comfort and ease for music-making

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