Thank you once again for another absolutely FANTASTIC class at BFA!   You are a gifted teacher and clinician and we count ourselves so fortunate to have you living in the Boston area! As always, it was such an informative and eye opening workshop.   Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise with us.  I always learn so much in your classes and come away very inspired! Thank you also for the article on musicians’ injuries and the Structures & Movement of Breathing book you gave me! Really appreciate that so much. Sending you continued best wishes for all the wonderful work you do!  We look forward to inviting you back to BFA and hope you will come again!

– Judy Grant, Boston Flute Academy

From the class I was most touched by the alternative language: “balance” rather than “posture” for example.  This has spurred me to think of my playing as more fluid, constantly adjusting rather than being stuck!

– Nina Robertson, London flutist

Body Mapping was like an accumulation of all the little bits of knowledge I have here and there (Alexander Technique, Pilates, body awareness, etc); but put together in a simple and practical fashion for performers! I believe that I felt this way not just because of Body Mapping, but because of Vanessa’s expertise and vast experiences. 

– Lisa Ueda, Freelance Violinist,  British Isles Music Festival


Introducing Body Mapping to this course, is one of the best things that have happened this year, because it simply brings awareness to these young minds, who have years and years of performing ahead of them! … but the great thing is that Vanessa can tailor the lesson to their needs and level of awareness during the one-to-one lessons.  I sincerely hope Vanessa continues to come to BIMF in the years to come: For the difference it has and will continue to make on the young people around the globe!

– Susan Milan, Flutist, British Isles Music Festival – Artistic Director

I use the many things I learned that weekend in my daily teaching and practice as a flutist.  I can honestly say that I have never felt more ease in my playing and am completely hooked on sharing the wonder and knowledge of this program with my students.  Body Mapping is an extraordinary means to freedom in sound, technique and overall music making.  It is because of the wisdom and inspiration that Vanessa shared with us that weekend that I can truly say I am growing as a flutist and teacher in ways that I never imagined I would.  It is so exciting…Thank You Vanessa!!!

– Angela Kelly, Charlottesville, Virginia

Vanessa did a great job presenting principles we learn from Alexander technique in a very accessible manner. I was very impressed!

– Eric Berlin, Trumpet UMASS Amherst

I’m impressed with how you have your material and message put together, and I appreciated how
you wove together in the class your presentation with opportunities for the students to try things out and then to ask voice related questions and try techniques toward the end of class.

E. Romney, Voice Teacher, Cambridge, MA

 My eyes have been opened!  I came into this class expecting to work on  my issues with jaw and neck tension.  The most surprising part was discovering my body!   I have seen incredible results from this semester long workshop.

    Aimee M., Longy Graduate Vocal Student

I’m thrilled — after just one lesson with you I was able to breathe better, stand straighter, and get a far better tone on the flute than I ever had before. Suddenly playing the instrument was a lot more rewarding and fun.

-John C., flutist

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