Movement Vlog

Looking for great movement to encourage connections in your body or release tension?  This is the place.

Roll-Up Demonstration


Bridge Demonstration


2 thoughts on “Movement Vlog

  1. Dear Vanessa: What an intriguing direction your coaching has taken. I caught a post that suggests you took the Mov-Nat training. I am particularly interested in this modality. What was your experience with this training?
    My goal is to be able to move effectively though all planes and be able to play effectively and safely with grandchildren.
    Looking for unbiased feedback.
    Thankyoy for your attention.

    • Hi Linda, The training was good. I did it self-directed. When you sign up for a workshop or cert you get access to a library of videos that are really good. In the workshop you get some coaching you can sign up for coaching sessions. I like the movements. They are fun and practical. Glad I did it! If this is just for you, you could just do a workshop. Happy to answer any questions.

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