Lessons & Workshops

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body

A six part course written by Barbara Conable, providing accurate anatomical information about the body and its design for movement. Licensed instructors assist clients as they learn to integrate this knowledge into music-making, moving & life. 

Hour 1: Training Senses, Movement & Awareness for Music-Making
Hour 2: Balance & Support Through the Core for Sitting and Standing
Hour 3: Mapping the Arm Structure
Hour 4: Breathing Structures and Movements
Hour 5: Mapping Legs
Hour 6: How to Put it All Together

Workshops for: musicians, educators, students & athletes

Studio, department workshops & festivals clinics engage participants in learning to prevent discomfort, pain and injury, and promote facility.  Topics can includeL body-use for enhancement of technique, breathing, expression, tone and playing ease. Weekend workshops are a great way to experience the complete course.

Find Out How to Host a Body Mapping Course in YOUR Home!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Private & Semi-Private Coaching

Sessions utilize a variety of anatomical images & models as well as kinesthetic prompts to cultivate awareness and movement freedom for music-making, athletics, work, life!

Don’t live in the area? Set up a Skype or Face Time lesson!


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