The Flute Studio

~Inspiring musicianship through exploration~

Music-making is the coordination of small and large movement.  With this in mind, skills progress naturally and fluidly.

Private lessons provide students with the opportunity to gather the tools to learn new music and make decisions about style. Each student is involved in choosing repertory and learning to master musical challenges.  The problem solving and time management skills used for playing an instrument have immediate application into many other areas of a student’s life.

Private Lessons

Lessons are taught on a weekly basis for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Lesson Materials

Lesson materials consist of a variety of books (method, etude, solo, and duet) each chosen to meet the student’s individual needs. Students should have a manuscript book for lesson assignments, and a loose-leaf binder to keep handouts in. All students are required to read: The Young Musicians’ Survival Guide by Amy Nathan (Oxford) available through bookstores and the Reading Public Library

In addition to weekly lessons, master class and performance opportunities are available to all students.


One of the joys of playing an instrument is performing.  Each year we hold a Gala Celebration of Music in the spring at which all students are encouraged to participate.  Repertory is selected to highlight the skills of the individual and ranges from solos to small ensemble pieces.  Additionally, there are performance opportunities throughout the year at area venues.

Join an ensemble!  Besides school ensembles, our area is rich with performing groups for players at different levels. – youth orchestras, wind ensembles and flute choirs to name a few.  This is a great opportunity challenge yourself and play with other musicians your age.


The market is filled with flutes in a wide range of prices and qualities.  I am happy to help my students choose the flute that fits their needs.  If you are in the market for your own instrument or are thinking of upgrading let me know.

Studio Photo Gallery

See photos from some of our concerts and events.

For current lesson rates and availability contact me.

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